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Track 6 from Plaid On Flannel's 2017 EP Get On!

Produced and mixed by Ruben Huizenga

Mastered by Michael Kossov @ Aurganic Studios - Toronto, Canada

Personnel includes:
Nolan Randall (Vocals/Guitars)
Jen Doyon (Keyboards/Vocals)
Les Cassling (Bass)
Minas Hatzigiannatzoglou (Drums/Percussion)

Words and music by Nolan Randall

She’s so fine, she knows everybody around
It’s a sign, they follow her like a blood hound
No escaping your feelings
You’ve got to make her aware
Complicating your actions
Tell her she’s got to beware

You don’t even realize your potential
People start to criticize why you’re mental
On your mind, you know she wants to ignore you
So unkind, she treats you just like the guy before you
Never a day where she wants you to call all the shots
Maybe if she can’t get you It might change her thoughts

You don’t even realize your potential
People start to criticize why you’re mental
Then she starts to penalize your credentials
You don’t even realize your potential

Your potential is an honest truth
That’s never gonna change
People are just animals
That’s why they act like you’re strange

No way out, you’ve got to play the man’s game
Walk about as if everybody’s the same
You’ve tried every angle
You’ve even changed your appearance
Finding a way to capture without interference

You don’t even realize your potential
People start to criticize why you’re mental
Then she starts to penalize your credentials
You don’t even realize your potential

© Copyright 2017 Plaid On Flannel

*Song Description By Noles*

The origin of "Potential" dates back to before Plaid On Flannel officially started on September 3, 2011. While I came up with the name Plaid On Flannel on November 25, 2010, it took me awhile to get the recording project started. I joined cover/original blues/classic rock group High Waters Band on December 18, 2010 as a lead guitarist/backing vocalist. Into 2011, we began playing gigs in the Peterborough area basically every weekend. I wrote the music for "Potential" sometime in May of 2011. By the summer of 2011, I bought a used Macbook Pro after my original Macbook broke down in 2010. From that point forward, I started recording Plaid On Flannel's debut album Fairbairn Meadows on GarageBand. My first real studio experience took place in November of 2011 when I helped record the 12-track original album Stand Up with High Waters Band at Haggarty Sound Studios in Peterborough. Frontman Mike Kidd wrote all the songs for that record.

I finally wrote the lyrics for "Potential" on February 21, 2012, after I had already recorded 7 songs for Fairbairn Meadows. While writing the lyrics for "Potential", I was imagining a hard-to-get attractive woman. Much like the lyrics to "Switching Gears" from the Get On! EP, "Potential" is about a beautiful lady that doesn't settle for less. And like "Switching Gears", it was written from a 2nd person's perspective (you). I started recording the Fairbairn Meadows version of "Potential" on February 19, 2012, and finished it on March 1, 2012. The entire 12-track album was released on July 1, 2012. While I was in High Waters Band, we also released the 12-track album Stand Up that same year. "Potential" was the only song I wrote that we performed live. Here's a live version of the song we played at the Montreal House in Peterborough... https://youtu.be/r7j1Rqmqz1k

After I left High Waters Band and moved to Toronto in September of 2013, the Plaid On Flannel band started on February 15, 2014. "Potential" was part of the first batch of songs we played and it became a live staple. When keyboardist Jen Doyon joined the band a year later on February 22, 2015, "Potential" was the first tune she auditioned with. The keyboard made a huge difference on the song's vibe, and that's where I came up with the term "Carnival Rock". Because the organ made it feel like music you'd hear at a carnival or a circus. Much like the style of The Doors' keyboardist Ray Manzarek.

We performed "Potential" often over the next while, but we didn't include it on our Rising Above EP. However, when it came time to record the Get On! EP on February 4, 2017, we included "Potential", 5 years after I recorded the Fairbairn Meadows version. The Get On! EP rendition of "Potential" was a nice improvement from the original recording. Keyboardist Jen Doyon used a combination of organ and piano that really carries the verses of the song. We added layered vocal harmonies in the choruses and bridge. For that bridge, percussionist Minas Hatzigiannatzoglou played a wooden shaker, which also comes back in the final chorus and rattles at the very end of the tune. "Potential" is a song that I've basically retired from performing, but it just might come back some day.