Switching Gears

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Track 1 from Plaid On Flannel's 2017 EP Get On!

Produced and mixed by Ruben Huizenga

Mastered by Michael Kossov @ Aurganic Studios - Toronto, Canada

Music video directed by Joel Barnes - https://youtu.be/rM0JBTOb3k4

Personnel includes:
Nolan Randall (Vocals/Guitars)
Jen Doyon (Keyboards/Vocals)
Les Cassling (Bass)
Minas Hatzigiannatzoglou (Drums/Percussion)

Words and music by Nolan Randall

There's a girl from the other side
She's got diamonds in her eyes away from here
See the girl from the other side
It comes as no surprise to disappear

What you see is what you get
Until you haven't seen it yet
Take the time to resurrect
While you collect your fears
She doesn't wanna complicate
She'll make you wait while you run late
You feel the need to compromise
While you are switching gears

See the girl on the boulevard
She's always gone too far away from here
Meet the girl who never cares
She feels too unaware to make it clear

Out in the distance there's a lot of things you'll see
A lot of things to plead
That have been lingering for years
She wants to live the normal life
While you wanna live in your own write
You feel the need to improvise
While you are switching gears

© Copyright 2017 Plaid On Flannel

*Song Description By Noles*

The origin of "Switching Gears" can be traced back to 2013, shortly after I finished the 2nd Plaid On Flannel album Mission of Mercy. I came up with the music for "Switching Gears" on June 29, 2013. But a lot of it was changed when I eventually started recording the song a couple of years later. In fact, the only parts that remained the same were the guitar riff and the pre-chorus progression. And even those parts were eventually slightly altered. The initial riff I came up with was inspired by Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold". It's in the same key of A which is my favourite key, as it is right in my vocal range.

By the time I wrote the lyrics for "Switching Gears" in the spring of 2015, my life had changed drastically from when the song idea started. I was single, living in a different city and Plaid On Flannel was a band at that point. Keyboardist Jen Doyon had recently joined the band on February 22, 2015 and played her first gig with us on March 21, 2015. POF's original drummer Adi Taylor soon left the band and was replaced by Minas Hatzigiannatzoglou on May 2, 2015. As I was recording my 3rd album Primitive Normative, I wrote the lyrics for "Switching Gears" on April 19, 2015. Which was the day after our last gig with Adi on drums. At the time, I had already finished most of the songs that would end up on Primitive Normative. And I knew it was time to record a bonafide rocker for the album. So I used that music I wrote in 2013 and wrote the lyrics.

"Switching Gears" has lyrics that were written almost subconsciously without any specificity. It wasn't until years later that I realized the song is about being rejected by women. During that period, romance was largely absent from my life. I spent my time working at a brewery and working on music every chance I could get. My obsession with music always interfered with my love life. And even if I tried to get women, I wouldn't get the ones I truly wanted. "Switching Gears" is about the attractive women I wasn't "worthy" of attaining. And attempting to "Switch Gears" in order to get desirable women. It's almost a universal language among single men. In modern dating, the women get to choose more then the men do. I'm not being sexist. It's true and it's simply the way it is.

The Primitive Normative version of "Switching Gears" was recorded from April 12, 2015 to May 18, 2015. That version can be heard here... https://youtu.be/h4Q9kMhdRjI The album was released on December 31, 2015. After the POF band released the Rising Above EP on May 14, 2016, we started playing "Switching Gears" and performed it at shows. The tempo was sped up from the original version and Jen's keyboards and backup vocals added some much needed flavour for the song. We started recording the Get On! EP on February 4, 2017 and that's when the music video for "Switching Gears" was shot in the studio live off the floor. We knew it would be the opening track for the record because it's a song that gets right to the point.

The guitar riff of "Switching Gears" is used quite a bit in different variations throughout the song. It even changes keys up to D after the guitar solo towards the end of the tune. The chorus was influenced by the style of Canadian rock band Sloan. Especially when it comes to the vocal harmonies. Minas played tambourine on "Switching Gears" and it really worked well with the fast tempo. The guitar solo uses a good dose of wah pedal. We performed this song quite a bit, and it's one that will be played live again with a POF band.