The Essence We Embrace

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Track 14 from Plaid On Flannel's 2018 album Vol. IV: Independency

Performed and produced by Nolan Randall

Mixed and mastered by Hector Viola

Words and music by Nolan Randall

It's a resurrection in the right direction
All has been forgiven, no more will be hidden
Celebrate the greatness, chariot awaits us
Throw away the wreckage, formulate the message

Soul of the human race to overthrow the waste
Far from the strangest place, the essence we embrace

In a world of wonder, we awake our slumber
Magnify our vision, make a pure decision

Trash left without a trace to make for better space
Praise all that has some grace
The essence we embrace
When we're in dire straits, we'll cut right to the chase
Can't find a fitter case, the essence we embrace

Elevate the worthy, medicate our mercy
Cue the sound of honour, wine was made from water

Soul of the human race to overthrow the waste
Far from the strangest place, the essence we embrace
When we're in dire straits, we'll cut right to the chase
Praise all that has some grace, the essence we embrace
The essence we embrace

© Copyright 2018 Plaid On Flannel

*Song Description By Noles*

When I started writing material for the Independency album in 2016, I wanted to try some new things I hadn't really done on the first 3 Plaid On Flannel albums. One of those things was having gaps and spaces between chords in different parts of songs. Leaving a lot of space for vocals, the drum beat, and percussion. I heard it used often with modern rock and roll bands like Wolfmother and Monster Truck, and I knew it was something I wanted to do more of. A handful of songs from Independency ended up having those kinds of features. Some examples being "Veteran Prospect", "Movement", and "When The Rhythm Comes In". Then along came this song "The Essence We Embrace", which I wrote the music for on December 19, 2016. Being in my preferred key of A, the guitar riff is one of my favourite riffs from the entire album. It utilizes the gap technique and leaves a lot of spaces. It's one of those riffs that just makes sense and is very intuitive to play as a guitar player. I was excited about this song upon writing the music, but I was busy recording the other songs I wrote in 2016.

I didn't write the lyrics for "The Essence We Embrace" until February 3, 2018, as I had previously recorded 13 songs for the Independency album. The lyrics for "The Essence We Embrace" might be some of the best lyrics I've ever written. I imagined an alternate universe that differed from the modern popular culture landscape. I put myself into a fantasy world where people are more in touch with their souls. A world where the capitalist system doesn't compromise humanity in order to turn a larger profit. Because that is exactly what the monopoly music industry has done in the 21st century. Which is why the major record labels have put all their eggs into a plastic manufactured basket for the masses. I could go on and on about the broken system within the traditional music industry, but this song was more focused on the good. The lyrics for "The Essence We Embrace" were written as if the revolution was already happening. It visualizes already winning the war. And in that sense, the lyrics are more of a grateful celebration of victory over a soulless system.

I started recording "The Essence We Embrace" on February 16, 2018. The guitar riff has a shaker that really drives the beat. That riff is played 4 separate times over the course of the song, and a tambourine is added starting on the 3rd time around. While the percussion really fills the spaces in those guitar riffs, I added another element starting on the 2nd riff before the 1st chorus. The MIDI effect I used is called Fuzzy Synth Guitar and it simply sounds like a combination of a distorted guitar and a synthesizer. It's basically playing along with the guitar riff, but has lots of delay that carries over into the gaps. Sounding unlike anything I had ever done before, and really bringing those riffs to life.

The guitar solo section of "The Essence We Embrace" uses an entirely new chord progression and it doesn't have the gaps that the rest of the song has. The 16 bar solo uses 4 different guitar effects. Sounding like 4 different guitar players are playing on it. That's the most solo overdubs I've used on any song in the Plaidalog. Influenced by the guitar solo variations in "The End" by the Beatles. For this multi-layered guitar solo, I used a lot of panning back and forth from left to right like I did on a number of other songs from the Independency album. I finally finished recording "The Essence We Embrace" on May 7, 2018. I've never played it live with a band, but plan to in the future.