Dropping In [Single]

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"Dropping In" is the second single from Plaid On Flannel's fifth full-length album Parkdale Fever. Download the digital single on .mp3 or .wav today!

Personnel includes:
Nolan Randall - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, & Keyboards
Simon Miminis - Drums & Percussion

Produced by Hector Viola & Simon Miminis

Mixed by Josh Bowman @ Bowman Sound

Mastered by Harry Hess @ HBomb Mastering

Music video by Switzer Digital Inc.

Words and music by Nolan Randall

Searching for clarity, far as I can see
Seeking a remedy for this poverty
Away from the disease, bitter from the breeze
Today I’m on my knees, better days than these

Spinning as I’m dropping in, winning only to begin
Thinning as I’m within where I have been
Spinning as I’m dropping in again

Unveil a battle cry, rattling nearby
Upscale to step aside, to be kept inside

Spinning as I’m dropping in, winning only to begin
Thinning as I’m within where I have been
Spinning as I’m dropping in again

Falling in a motion, slipping through the streams
All the virtuous devotion, going to extremes
On a mighty tumble, detrimental truth
In the movements of my stumble, rooted to my youth

Spinning as I’m dropping in, winning only to begin
Thinning as I’m within where I have been
Spinning as I’m dropping in
Spinning as I’m dropping in
Spinning as I’m dropping in again

© Copyright 2022 Plaid On Flannel

*Song Description By Noles*

A children's sing-along song with adult lyrics and distorted guitars. That's how I would describe "Dropping In". The melodies sound happy and the lyrics sound sad. "Dropping In" was written in June of 2020. With the music composed on June 9th, and the lyrics written on June 14th.

I wrote "Extraordinary Dream" around the same time as "Dropping In". And I look at those two songs as brother and sister. Which is why they're the first two singles from Parkdale Fever. One is minor-based and the other is major-based. They both have guitar riffs that play arpeggios on the same part of the neck between the 7th and 11th frets. But at the same time, both songs sound very different. In large part due to the difference in minor and major keys.

While I was writing the lyrics to "Dropping In", I changed the chorus lyrics completely from what they originally were. The original chorus was "Losing air like oxygen" instead of "Spinning as I'm dropping in". I believe I was thinking of the song "Love Is Like Oxygen" by Sweet. What I was doing was building upon the lyrics I had for "Extraordinary Dream". Which deals with a subject of respiratory illness. This was around the time I was formulating the concept for the Parkdale Fever album. With a plan to have lyrics that address poverty more than a respiratory disease.

The line "Spinning as I'm dropping in" was inspired by the psychedelic vibe of the song's guitar riff. Playing open strings on the root notes while playing arpeggios on other strings. As those root notes ring out. It seemed quite psychedelic to me. And it gave me a vision of a kaleidoscope moving in circles. But it also gave me a vision of water swirling down the drain of a sink. The guitar riff seemed like it moved in circles. And "Dropping In" is also related to the act of "dropping acid". As psychedelic music has been associated with LSD use since the 1960s. I don't do chemical drugs, but I wanted to give the listener that kind of psychedelic feeling.

"Dropping In" is simply a story about my life as a poor person. As I drop into poverty and struggle to make ends meet. The anxiety that comes with it. And the uncertainty that surrounds it. These unpleasant feelings cause me to spin into a manic frenzy. The line "Winning only to begin" is about making progress in your life while your back is against the wall. You may have had some wins, but did they really get you anywhere? Did they really change your situation? And then there's the line "Thinning as I'm within where I have been". Which is really about burnout. Despite the fact that you've worked really hard to get to where you are, you're losing your ability to discipline yourself. You're losing your composure while you're still trapped in the same old situation.

Even though "Dropping In" has a dark tone in the lyrics, it's still a fun song. And that's the whole point. To not take it too seriously and laugh it off. Things will get better. But I want to speak to those people that have been through similar experiences, and let them know that they're not alone. That is my intention as an artist. To give people solace when they're at their lowest points. Because so many artists have done the very same for me.

"Dropping In" has a lot of lead guitar throughout the song. Each chorus has two vocal-guitar/call-and-response parts that are played in a major pentatonic scale. And the guitar solo section uses that same major scale. Replicating some of the melodies that are sung in the verses. My intention with the guitar solos in my songs are to make them as melodic as possible. Solos that you could sing. Turning them into memorable hooks. Some of my favourite guitarists have the ability to do that.