Rising Above [EP] (Digital Album)

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[Digital Album] This EP from Plaid On Flannel was released on May 14, 2016. It was the first Plaid On Flannel material to feature musicians outside of Nolan Randall. The Plaid On Flannel band delivers a raw and punchy delivery over the course of the record. "Feeling No Regrets" and "Go The Distance" capture the rock and roll radio spirit that Plaid On Flannel is known for. The EP features epic and imaginative rock anthems like "Siege Of Megiddo" and the title track "Rising Above". The intertwining of keyboards and guitars are in effect throughout the EP. Immerse yourself into this 26-minute alternative indie blues rock extravaganza of an EP which is available digitally!

All songs written by Nolan Randall

Produced, mixed and mastered by Ruben Huizenga

Personnel includes:
Nolan Randall - Vocals/Guitar
Jen Doyon - Keyboards/Vocals
Minas Hatzi - Drums/Percussion
Les Cassling - Bass

© Copyright 2016 Plaid On Flannel